Thursday, 9 May 2013

What i carry in my bag during summer to beat the heat??

So these are the things that i carry in my bag during summers.....

                                                 Bag From Spades

                                                1. Dabur Gulabari Rose Touch Face Freshner

                                                    2. A Felt Tip Eyeliner in Black

                                           3. The Body Shop Blush In ginger

                                                4. Lakme Aquashine Lipcolor in Guava

                                            5. Coloressence Liquid lipcolor gloss in watermelon orange

                                                      7. Maybelline Color Bloom

                                                      8. A pack of Skin Wipes

                                               9. Tri Active Hand Sanitizer

                                              10. A small perfume bottle from Fragonard

                                              11.. Garnier Sun control daily moisturiser with SPF 15

                                                  12. Coloressence Compact

                                                         13. A hair Clip

                                         14. A small Solid Perfume , also from Fragonard

This is what helps me get through the scorching heat of the Indian summers when i m out of my house....any sugggestions on anythng else that i should carry?? What Does ur bag have during summer?? Do leave ur comments to let me know :)

Love, Ridz-
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